November 2018

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Top Tips for Business Owners over the Holiday Season

Tip # 1 – Office closure periods and leave entitlements Whilst offices often ‘shut shop’ over the festive season, business owners should be aware of how the closure period may affect their employees’ leave entitlements. Generally speaking, an employee will be entitled to public holidays on 25 December, 26 December and 1 January. When the office remains closed for an extended period between these dates, employers should clearly communicate with their employees how these days will be treated come pay day.

Tip # 2 –  Ensure mail is collected While your office may remain closed, and you are enjoying your time in the sun, other businesses may remain open. As such, important notices and correspondence are often delivered over the holiday season, and should such notices be time sensitive in nature, receiving these notices immediately may be crucial. Ensure that someone at least drops past the office a couple of times a week to check the mail.

Tip # 3 – Christmas Parties and liability for employers We often hear stories of the work Christmas party going horribly wrong. Business owners should ensure that all employees understand that the normal rules around appropriate behaviours in the workplace still apply. Business owners should remind employees of any policies relating to work events, and should these policies not already be in place, business owners should consider introducing them in the New Year.

Tip # 4 – You’ve been tagged The old saying ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ is not always the case. The last thing an employer needs is images or footage showing their employees or company in a less than positive light. Business owners should ensure that their employees are aware of the company’s social media policy and colleagues should only be tagged with their permission.

Tip # 5 – Notifying customers, clients and suppliers of hours of operation Don’t forget to remind your customers, clients and suppliers of your closure period and hours of operation before you head off, including when you intend to re-open. Keeping key stakeholders informed is crucial for any business.

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Date: November 2018