Cyber Security and working from home

28 · Feb · 2022

Top tips for cyber security whilst working from home

The Australian Cyber Security Centre is a great resource for information related to all things cyber.  Some top tips for cyber security whilst working from home include the following:

1. Phishing and scam emails are a real thing.  It is strongly advised that you be especially cautious with respect to emails or messages.  Don’t be hasty to click on links/open attachments.
2. Using trusted Wi-Fi is essential.  Though working from a coffee shop may seem appealing, free Wi-Fi by its very nature is insecure and can expose your browsing to cyber criminals.  Only trusted connections should be used.
3. Don’t leave your device unattended when not in use.  Do you share a device?  If so, you need to think about the best method of use so that your information is not compromised.
4. Portable storage devices are not recommended, they can be misplaced.  Consider cloud storage as a safer option.
5. Use trusted sources for information.  Not sure that what you are reading is true?  Think critically, check official government websites and research institutes to confirm.

For employers, we would suggest considering a “Working From Home Policy” which would need to cover clear procedure and guidelines for employees, including but not limited to your expectation regarding security of information, confidentiality, home working space from a health and safety point of view, insurances and reporting of incidents, etc.

For employees, it is important to ask questions if you have a lack of direction or information on expectations about working from home.  For example, are you using a company issued device to work off?  What kind of workspace do you have?  Do you share this workspace with anyone else?  Critical thinking is strongly suggested to avoid both physical and security related issued.

Do you need further information?  Contact us.

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