How to ensure your Office Party is fun for both employers and employees

17 · Dec · 2021

5 tips on how to safely host an Office Party

The end of the financial year and Christmas time means that the office party planning will be in full swing. It is also a great time for employers and employees to let their hair down, but within reason.

Here are 5 tips on how to host a safe and fun office party:

1. Set expectations regarding behaviour at these events. It is a good time to review your social media policies and general office etiquette which would still apply at these events.

2. Ensure that there are protocols in place to minimise risk and hazards by making an OHS assessment at the venue (is sign-in or ID check required, will masks be mandatory).

3. Ensure responsible of service of alcohol at the venue. Employers should ensure alternative transport arrangements can be made.

4. Be inclusive! Investing in staff well-being and end of year celebrations have a positive impact on team morale.

5. Remember that legal rights and obligations for both employers and employees apply to social work events.

Please touch base if you have any questions, we are only a phone call away. For more information please contact us.

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